AB-STI,LLC  started  in 1969  with  its  headquarter  in  the  United  States. For  over  four decades , it  has  steadily  grown  into  a  specialized  group  company, servicing  a  wide  range  of  industries, especially  oil  and  gas , petrochemical , paper, steel, power,and  Pharmaceutical  industries. The company has over  three hundred sixty employees worldwide. with around one hundred highly experienced engineers, technicians, service and sales professionals providing key solutions to industrial  needs and excellent services to customers.



       The Vibration & Testing Branch of AB-STI, LLC carries a complete line of measuring and monitoring system for vibration and potential machinery failure. Seismic switch/transmitter are widely used in gear boxes in cooling towers, fans and blowers,mills,pumps,and compressors.Our proximity products provid accurate monitoring of centrifuges bearings,water pumps,gas and steam turbines and settlement of the piston rod of compressors.Working with monitoring,PLC and DCS system,our instruments not only provide vibration testing and condition regulating,but also provide processing and analysis of these data for machinery management.Our products are widely used in hydroelectric,gas& oil,power generation,petrochemical and food industries.they are highly recognized by the Vibration Society of U.S.A. Our 4-20mA vibration transmitter have brought invaluable efficiency in protection of large machinery. The company's branch sales and support offices around the world provide a comprehensive network of distribution,tech support,sales and post-sale services.

        The Valves  and  Instruments  Branch  of  AB-STI,LLC  is a certified and registered ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing and engineering facility wuth our head officer located in U.S.A. With a team of professionals with intensive experience in the insustry,AB-ATI,LLC is dedicated to continually improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of our quality management system.Our product is confirmed by a rigid quality control program which utilizes the most up to date methods of testing and inspection.Our products include control valves,regulators,actuators,pressure controllers.Our products are completely interchangeable with the industry's leading brands,and manufactured to strict quality control standards.We serve a wide variety of industries such as Oil & Gas,Petrochemical,HVAC,Mining and Pulp &Paper.

      We manufacture products to specification that facilitate direct replacement to FISHER Valve instrumentation products.Just like the FISHER Valve products,our instrumentation products are manutactured to the highest degree of quality.We offer reliable FISHER control valve replacemets,regulators,instrumentation and performance services to the process control industries.









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Control Systems Branch of AB-STI,LLC

The Valves & Instruments Branch of AB-STI,LLC

Vibration & Testing Branch of AB-STI,LLC

       ​The  Control Systems branch is specialized in providing industrial controls solutions.One of its major systems are the Thermo-Protecting piping systems which are widely used in all industries that require protection for pipes.The systems offer reliable and efficient solutions replacing costly human monitoring and inspecting.The systems provide 24-hour live monitoring of the pipes,ensuring safe operations of all equipments.The systems are recognized as the first of its kind in the world.                   The 3D piping Distribution Management System is another important invention of this branch.This system provides live mapping and monitoring of all piping distributions,including names and locations of all pipings,making it easy to manage.              This branch also developed a large-scale petrochemical training software system.which provide superb support to training new employees and technical staff,replacing the costly but low efficiency old training systems.